Our overnight guests have the most access to purchase our wines, but you are welcome to stop by to make a purchase. We will also ship to any address within New York State.

New Look for New Vines

Starting with our 2017 vintage, our wines will be sporting a new, sleeker label. This clean, classic look will include a sweetness scale to help inform consumers. Printed on a classic linen paper, it will hold up well in the ice bucket. It also contains a barcode useful for POS systems. We hope you like it as much as we do!

We definitely fit the category of a “Boutique Winery.” Our wine production has been in the area of 200 cases each of the last few years, but 2017 saw a significantly larger crop due to ideal growing conditions. The reds won’t be ready until late 2018, but the whites and rose’ are drinking well and are already getting great responses.

Todd’s wines are one of the hidden gems of the Finger Lakes; the wines I share with my family and friends.

Scott Osborn, President and Co-owner of Fox Run Vineyards

Our wines are a reflection of our beautiful Finger Lakes setting. The cool climate here results in crisp acidity in our whites, and fruit-forwardness in our reds. Vintage variation is expected, and leads to the excitement of each new wine’s release!

Although the bed and breakfast aspect of New Vines ranks among the highest quality accommodations you will find in the Finger Lakes, the wines New Vines crafts are also among the best examples of Seneca Lake terroir you will find.

Chris Missick, Owner of Bellangelo Winery

The Marquette Rose’ will open the minds of those who have never encountered the grape.

Peter Becraft, Winemaker at Anthony Rd. Wine Company

With just one acre of grapes, training every vine, managing pest control, and being in the vineyard every day affords us a level of control not possible with large operations. We also benefit greatly from the cooperative nature of the Finger Lakes Wine Industry. Equipment, ideas, and honest feedback are shared freely, helping all of us become better grape growers and winemakers.

Todd’s love and appreciation of local bounty guide him to produce superior wines!

Jim Colizzi, Co-owner of Kashong Glen Vineyards